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Welcome to ZF Aftermarket SCM

To access your secure supplier information online, fill in the login information below and press Login button. By clicking on the Login button, users of this site agree to be bound by the terms of this site ZF Aftermarket SCM Rules and Regulations and the ZF Web Site Legal Conditions.

If you are a registered user to SCM, please login using your Email Id and password.
a) If you are a ZF Employee, registered for SCM with a TRW e-mail address, then use that e.g. 
b) If you are a ZF Employee, registered for SCM with a ZF e-mail address, then use that e.g
c) If you are a ZF Vendor, then use the email address registered for using SCM. This is also
    known as MyZF ID.

Registration to SCM
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Attention : New Independent Label Design & Printing (LDP) Website

LDP application has moved out of SCM Portal & now has its own independent website. To access new LDP website click here

With effect from 16-Sep-2022 , you must access LDP without signing-on to SCM. Please update your browser bookmark to the new web address.

Should you have any problems accessing the new LDP Portal, please create IT-Helpdesk ticket. Alternatively, you can contact LDP Administrator via e-mail on

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